The new iPhone 8 will unlock with face recognition

This feature will be the “crown jewel” of the new iPhone, which will be the biggest innovation of it. Next to the TouchID, the fingerprint scanner, Apple “goes one step further and enables its customers to unlock their cell phone without even touching it. The phone will be able to use face recognition technology to see its owner in just a few hundreds of milliseconds, according to new information leaked by both The Korea Herald and Bloomberg.

This feature will be the “crown jewel” of the iPhone, which will be the biggest innovation of it. Apple’s face recognition rumors, which will be done with a 3D face-scanning sensor, have been around for months and seem to be too close to becoming a reality, as revealed by a Bloomberg report. New reports claim that the new iPhone will be incredibly fast, safer and more accurate.

Information says the new iPhone will include a number of features that have not existed again in any other mobile phone, such as infrared cameras that will allow processors to see people’s faces, even in the dark. It is worth noting that other companies, including Samsung, have in the past tried to achieve face and eye recognition on their phones.

But they were characterized by the inability to recognize them very quickly or with sufficient certainty and therefore to be able to provide a reliable security mechanism. Whatever the future will show, as the introduction of the new iPhone is expected to be of great interest.