New Horizons: Giving Us a Glimpse of ur Amazing Solar System and Beyond.

NASA’s New Horizons’ spacecraft has become a sensation, gathering quite a lot of following. It made Pluto a sensation as well and may be instrumental in bringing back the planet to its old planetary status. A lot of amazing and stunning images were sent back by the probe, igniting the imagination of the entire planet. You must have your fill of Pluto’s unique and amazing landscapes by now.

If plans push through, the new Horizons will also bring us more amazing pictures of what lies beyond our solar system. Although it did a wonderful job in accomplishing the job it was to do, it can still do a lot now that it’s in a position to do just that.

As you read along, you will find some of the stunning vistas that only Pluto could offer. So what do you think? If you’re given an opportunity to visit Pluto and given only one place to see, which would you prefer and why?

According to NASA’s associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, John Grunsfeld, researchers are still on cloud 9 about what the probe has managed to reveal as it skirted the planet just two weeks ago. The phenomenal combination of flowing ice, mountain ranges, and the alien atmosphere have already supplied scientists endless hours of new work.

It was exactly seven hours after the probe made its closest fly by when the probe started taking pictures using its Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI). It went on to take images of the sunlight penetrating the planet’s hazy atmosphere as it floated 130 kilometers above the surface.

A basic read on the haze showed that it had two separate layers, one at an altitude of about 80 km over the surface, and the other at 50 km above the surface.

(One can basically see that the haze has two layers: one as high as 80 kilometers, the other one lower at about 50 kilometers.

According to New Horizon’s co-investigator from George Mason University, Michael Summers, “The hazes detected in this image are a key element in creating the complex hydrocarbon compounds that give Pluto’s surface its reddish hue.”

The images from the spacecraft show a lot of things which we don’t usually see here on Earth, such as ice flows on the surface of the planet which evidence current geologic activity. More data is expected from New Horizons and the world awaits with bated breath.

The world eagerly awaits more data and photos from New Horizons, imagining what other secrets the distant planet