New Google Earth takes you to our magical world!

Just four days before Earth Day, as is already expected, Google launched the updated version of Google Earth, which bears clear improvements and many new features such as 3D capabilities and professional tours. Two years preparing this version and is now available, while an update for the app on Google Play will be gradually available.

To be able to realize its vision, Google worked with a number of scientific and non-profit organizations, which played a major role in creating the new section Voyager of Google Earth. This is a media type page where you will find tours and content that interests you and which is a careful selection of Google. Unity among others includes the Natural Treasures in production of BBC Earth, a magical journey in many areas is breathtaking, and there are also documentaries like Beautiful Birds-of-Paradise.\

Another interesting feature is the search I’m feeling lucky, which as you might guess allows you to jump to a site. Note here that we did not use the term “random location ‘as well will make you switch to one of the 20,000 most popular sites. This is not necessarily a bad feature, as you have the opportunity to see interesting places and not for example to find yourself in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean or the tundra of Siberia.

Finally, a very interesting feature of the new version of Google Earth, is the improved 3D capabilities. Once the user chooses to open the Android app or going to the web version, will determine the existence of a 3D button, which in a magical way that manages to bring the flat satellite image in the third dimension. In fact, if you press the icon «Camera», you can capture in the scenery image and download to share it, and will be displayed and a link to the coordinates.