New generator generates electricity using nothing

Thermal coordinator is called and it’s a rather magical device that came out of MIT’s laboratories, as nothing needs to be done to make electricity. Just the normal fluctuations of the weather! The device “recharges” the thermal energy inherent in the atmosphere and converts it into current. It’s not magic, of course, but cutting-edge technology with brave doses of science behind it.

It exploits the applications of the thermoelectric phenomenon and in this case the fluctuations of the atmospheric temperature.

This is not the first time that this occurs, as thermoelectric generators are used in diesel engines and sometimes even in clocks, capturing the lost thermal energy of the system and turning it back on stream, thus making the system more energy efficient.

The problem with these generators is that the temperature difference must be kept constant for the device to work seamlessly. While the miracle of MIT does not understand such!

As it captures even infinitesimal temperature fluctuations during the day, it can work without any problem or feedback. The groundbreaking device was even presented by a team of … undergraduate students at the university!