New Ford Focus with fighter aircraft technology

Technology developed for the first time for fighter aircraft helps improve driving experience with the new Focus, which features Ford’s first “Head-up display” display in Europe. This information display system allows drivers to keep their attention constantly on the road while watching speed, navigation and roadway data displayed in their field of vision.

However, some systems may not support this technology, while those who wear polarized goggles that neutralize reflection will see the information cloudy. Ford’s ‘Head-up display’ also emits the kind of lighting that polarized glasses are designed to eliminate as a reflection. The problem is solved with a carefully set filter that reflects the polarizing light.

“Using polarized glasses can make a difference to drivers who suffer from reflection, as when large areas of water, snow, or even asphalt reflect the sunlight. The head-up display of the new Focus offers one of the brightest displays, has the widest range of visibility, and will be distinct for all our customers, “said Glen Goold, brand executive.

In the summer evenings we often drive to peak hours when the sun is low on the horizon. And in the United Kingdom, for example, the sun is the cause of almost twice as many accidents as snow, rain and fog together. The head-up display of the American brand ensures that drivers do not need to focus their attention other than on the road to see information and choose alerts.

While traditional head-up display systems use waves of light pulsating alongside the road, Focus’s ‘Head-up display’ enhances bright waves that swim vertically on the road so the image can be clearly seen through polarized sunglasses. The polycarbonate screen has a multilayer, reflective coating that allows engineers to control polarization, color, transmission and reflection of light, and adapt it to system needs.