New evidence show that Marilyn Monroe was murdered by John Kennedy’s brother

New evidence revealed that the Mafia had nothing to do with Marilyn Monroe‘s murder. She was a girl who liked to have fun. If you gave her two or three pills and two drinks she would have sex with everyone.

New evidence prove that she didn’t die of drug overedose.. “Marilyn was the best mistress. She just wanted to make you happy. Chicago’s Mafia leader Sam Giankanana did not kill Hollywood’s most famous and everlasting star because he wanted trap the American president.

Mafiα had set up an awesome plan by installing sycret camers at the hotel where Marilyn Monroe, Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy would had a threesome.” They would use the video to force the President to invade Cuba in order Mafia get back country’s casinos. But the plan failed after the US President did not appear. “