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New Elixir Of Life Revealed : Honey

We’ve all watched Winnie the Pooh growing up, and that teddy bear was one chubby and tough cookie! Could have been all that honey?

Well, our grandmothers, mothers, and now researchers, think so! Apparently, honey is akin to liquid gold, loaded with hidden benefits to be reaped by a spoonful a day.

Honey for Allergy Relief

Honey’s anti-inflammatory properties could help relieve seasonal allergies.

A Great Energy Booster

The natural unprocessed fructose and glucose directly enter your blood stream giving you a short-termed but high boost of energy!

Honey for the Memory

Honey is very rich in antioxidants – not only flavor – that can help prevent cellular damage and loss in the brain.


An Effective Cough Syrup

The golden potion’s thick consistency can help coat your throat and the sweet flavor is said to trigger nerve endings and soothe the need to cough.

Have A Goodnight’s Sleep

Honey causes insulin to steadily rise in our blood. This rise in insulin then causes the tryptophan also in the honey to enter our brain, convert into serotonin, and then melatonin which is a sleep aid!

Honey for a Dandruff-free hair

Research has found that applying honey diluted with warm water for 3 hours to an irritated scalp relieved the itch and the scaliness within a week!

Heals Your Wounds and Burns

This rich liquid contains natural antibiotics that can treat inside and out. So applying honey to wounds and burns can disinfect them from major bacteria.