The new cover of Hustler shocked the world

Hustler is a magazine that has grown generations and generations of Americans – mostly – but has readers around the world. It always played on the limits of erotic content and pornography and it did not hesitate to challenge with the choices of its covers. Owners have been accused of racism and sexism for the models and the way they were presented on the covers.

This month, the historic Hustler magazine is releasing a cover that has already caused strong reactions as it is believed to “affect” both the patriotic and the religious sentiments of the Americans.

On the cover of the magazine there is a brown-haired model, which carries the American flag as “hijab”, covering the hair and the features of her face, leaving a part of her chest emerging under the fabric.
At the bottom of the cover is the phrase “First freedom”, which refers to Donald Trump’s motto “America First”.

Yahoo Style has confirmed by a journalist of Hustler that it is true and that this is actually the photo in the last issue that was recently sent to subscribers. Hustler, however, has played in the past with American feelings of patriotism, and in July 1976 it had released a close-up photo of a woman, in particular the teenage area covered with a US flagged bikini.