New couple! Kendall Jenner found the love of her life and made her first public appearance with him

Kendall Jenner, is probably the only member of the Kardashian family that we never knew about her personal issues, in terms of love and relationships. Also very rarely was captured on a day out with some male friends.

But these from now on will be changed since the 21 year old model and reality star made her first public appearance with her partner in London. The young Kardashian was captured in London, when she dined with ASAP Rocky in Mayfair restaurant.

Reports even indicate that both of them were very close to each other and Kendall did not take her eyes off him. Their first public appearance after a long time was this Saturday the Royal Albert Hall, since last June we saw for the first time, that they have been captured together again, without confirming any of them that they were together..

But all these belong to the past, sinceĀ  Kendall and the ASAP (his real name is Rakim Mayers) the other day that were seen in the Royal Albert Hall not for a second didn’t hide that they were a couple.. “There was a very emotional appearance. They were not behaving like they were two single friends, Kendall is really in love with him, “said a source in the Sun.