New alternative ways to transport people to space

NASA chief Jim Bradestein said on Friday he has full confidence in US-Russian relations in the space sector, but the accident that occurred during the launch of the missile highlighted the need for another alternative way for people to go to space.

Bradynstein said that despite the Thursday’s space launch accident, he is fully convinced of the safety and reliability of Russian Soyuz missiles and expects US astronauts to fly again with Russian Soyuz missiles.

The NASA chief also said there are no indications that the next scheduled manned mission to the International Space Station will be suspended.

Earlier, Roskosmos Executive Director Sergey Kraljev said the next manned mission to the International Space Station is scheduled for December, adding however that this will depend on the conclusions of the committee investigating the causes of the accident.

The NASA chief made these statements to journalists in Moscow one day after the Russian cosmonaut Alexei Offkychin and the American astronaut Nick Heig made a forced landing in Kazakhstan following the accident on the rocket carrying the Soyuz spacecraft and destined for the International Space Station (ISS).