She has never given to her daughter sugar since she was born. You can’t imagine how she looks now!

Like any other mother, Shan Cooper from Brisbane, Australia wants only the best for her child. Her daughter, Grace, is now two years old and at first she looks like a normal child. She is very sweet and likes to play with other children.

But, unlike the other children, Grace had just been sick. “She plays with many kids who have cough and cough and easily spread germs, but unlike these guys, Grace never gets ill,” said the proud mother. But how does this child have a much stronger immune system than other children?

Shan put her child in a somewhat unusual diet from the day she was born and firmly believes that she has kept her daughter so healthy for this. Shan had many food allergies until she changed her eating habits. Now she feels much better and does not suffer from food-related problems like in the past. If the change in her diet helped her so much, she was convinced she would also benefit her daughter.

Both the mother and the child strictly follow a diet. This diet, called “Cave Diet”, focuses on foods that prehistoric people ate and consist of meat, vegetables, fruit and eggs without dairy products, sugar, and anything processed. Followers of this diet firmly believe that diseases such as diabetes and heart disease can be avoided.

Grace does not eat any processed food, candies or bread and there is no cow’s milk in her diet. Her mother nurses her twice a day. A typical meal for her can be grilled chicken in coconut oil, sweet potato and broccoli, for example.

Although Shan is convinced that nutrition-rich diet is responsible for Grace’s powerful immune system, some dieticians warn that such a diet may not be the best for all children. Without dairy products, cereals and legumes, many vitamins, nutrients and fiber can be missing, which children need for healthy growth and balanced nutrition.

Shan realizes that she may need to import dairy products to her daughter’s diet at some stage, but she is currently seeing the key benefits of this diet and has chosen to pass it on to her daughter. Shan can not understand why some people are so critical of her daughter’s diet. After, she feeds her child with real food instead of processed.

There is no point in people criticizing her because she gave her a vegetable dish to her child but no one thinks to criticize a parent who gives his child a plate full of bread, sweet and processed food. Shan talks a lot about “Cave Diet” and urges all parents to look at what their kids eat.

The subject of sugary and processed foods is that they often have a nice taste and when her daughter is exposed to such foods she will undoubtedly ask for it at some point. Shan hopes her daughter soon realizes that these foods will not do her good.

It is much healthier to encourage a balanced diet and a healthier lifestyle. Children will please their parents for this in the long run!