Neuroscientists have created a giant research consortium

A giant research consortium aspiring to shed more light on brain secrets was created by the collaboration of 21 leading neuroscience laboratories in Europe and the US.

The creation of the International Brain Lab (IBL) was made so that scientists, who want to explain the brain in more ways to “generate” behavior, will begin with something that is common to all animals and humans: food collection.

The International Brain Laboratory is the first internationally established neuroscience based on CERN. Neuroscientists will try to find a unified theory of how the brain processes the information and transforms it into decisions and behaviors, ending – if possible – something similar to the single Standard Model already available in Physics , with the help of CERN.

Each experiment will be repeated by at least one other laboratory, using a common protocol, before the findings are made public. All of the research results will be immediately open and available to all members of the research consortium, thus eliminating the seizures of secrecy, which today distinguishes many neuroscience laboratories.