NASA will send robot bees to Mars

NASA has decided to fund the Marsbees program, which, as its name suggests, will be aimed at building robotic bees to explore Mars.

In particular, researchers in the program will try to create robotic bombers, the species of bumble bee that is larger in size than other species. These robotic insects will be equipped with various sensors and wireless communication systems to transmit their data while they can be loaded onto the exploration robots on the surface of Mars.

Although exploration vehicles, better known as rover, provide a wealth of important information to scientists, they are moving at a fairly slow pace. Robotic insects on the other hand will be able to quickly move to different areas of the Red Planet and transmit their data to the rover so scientists can access them later on.

Because the atmosphere of Mars is much lighter than Earth’s, robotic bees will have bigger and stronger wings than real ones to be able to fly without problems on the planet.

As we know, a team of robotics specialists in Japan was selected to build robotic insects and a team of scientists from the University of Alabama will undertake their programming, modeling and analysis of the data they collect.