NASA tests Ethereum for use in space

A research co-funded by NASA seeks to harness Ethereum’s smart contract technology to automate space ship maneuvers in order to automatically avoid space rubbish.

The research program, entitled “Resilient Networking and Computing Paradigm”, will be conducted by Dr. Jin Wei Kocsis, Assistant Professor at the University of Akron. Dr. Kocsis seeks to develop a thinking architecture where the spacecraft will no longer need to rely on scientists on Earth for critical information.

Conversely, clever contracts based on Ethereum help it “think of itself”. So he can detect and avoid space junk, which could cause damage.

Details are still limited on how to use Ethereum. No one knows if it will actually be the public blockchain or some private version. However, according to NASA’s Communications Program Manager, Thomas Kacpura, the aim is to decentralize data processing safely.