NASA returns to the Moon






Our planet might be destroyed, by ice melting, our oceans might be full of plastic, and climate change threatening all the living beings on Earth, but NASA has been authorized to return to the Moon. Space exploration is taking on a new trajectory, as we remember in December, President Donald Trump signed the directive that redirects the efforts of the US space agency to go to Mars back in our natural satellite.

NASA is expected to announce in the coming days the exact amount required for such a mission, a clear turn from the Obama era, which called NASA to go to the Red Planet and quickly.

In February, we are expecting the notorious cost and budget statements of the entire venture, but Robert Lightfoot, the executive director, revealed that “we are already working on the plan. And we work with the government. ”

On Obama days, NASA would set a new space station in orbit around Mars (until the early 2030s, as predicted), but Trump wants to change what his predecessor did. Nobody has gone to the Moon since 1972, so we will have the opportunity to see if things have changed after 46 years.