Is this NASA machine which control’s the weather?

Conspirators saw a NASA device that made clouds and revived, talking about another nasty machine of the US government to check the weather with the familiar consequences.

In the weeks before, a series of videos showing the “Artificial Cloud Production System” was released, as the photo was an irrevocable witness to the poor geodynamic activity of the Service and how it controls our time and our consciousness in the end.

And while the material is really true, the images come from the BBC’s famous “Top Gear” show from 2010! And it actually shows the RS-25 rocket propeller at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

This engine, which NASA has described as jokingly “Clark Kent of the Engines”, is propelled by burning liquid hydrogen and liquid nitrogen and the by-product of combustion is vapor. What we see in the video is high temperature steam, not so different from the boiling pot that rises high and forms clouds.

The machine does not produce clouds, the clouds are simply the byproducts of its action. Another loud defeat of the conspiratorial pen took place recently, as governments can not control the weather. This was not what HAARP, which once was the heavy artillery of the conspirators, until at least the 2016 research institute, journalists and scientists, called for a full tour of its premises and a well-kept barbecue after …