Mysterious Structure Discovered In Egypt using Google Earth

This certainly does not look entirely man made and is by far the most mysterious structure in Egypt. Human or Alien? UFP hunters are on the hunt!

A mysterious and bizarre structure was spotted the Egyptian desert and visible through Google Earth,  is sparking a wave of speculation among UFO hunters. The strange complex features two long pointed buildings surrounded by mysterious circles.


UfO hunters believe it could be an indication of Alien life, because of its very futuristic design. The Youtube video posted by Secureteam10 , a source of ‘UFO sighting videos’ as well as ‘government cover-up and the alien activity happening on and off our planet’, has sparked many speculations which clearly shows in the comment section.

A lot of users also suggested there were any number of explanations for the buildings. In one post, Adam Looze dismissed any alien links pointing out: ‘Its right next to the highway. How secret can it be?’
Other YouTube users suggested it was a ‘nuclear bunker’ a ‘sand farm’ and ‘underground base’ or a ‘missile launch site’.

(Source: Daily Mail)