Mysterious signals from the deep space shocked scientists

NASA chief Jim Bradynstein, during a lecture given to Moscow, has not ruled out the possibility of life in our solar system. This statement had caused a worldwide frenzy. According to new publications released on Wednesday, astronomers exploring material from various telescopes have announced that a lot of mysterious signals have been detected lately from deep space and other galaxies.

As Independent says, these signals may well be perceived as a possibility of communication from an extraterrestrial form of life.

Australian astronomers said the number of signals detected by telescopes that “sweep Space” was extremely unusual. Fast radio bursts are among the most remarkable phenomena in space. We are talking about explosions of extremely high energy that last only one moment and come from an unknown source of identity.

According to, scientists from Australia have publicly stated that the number of radio waves and the frequency they emit leave open all possibilities. A spokesperson for the Australian astronomers group said more than 20 brands were found in a year, twice as many as the total of the signals identified from 2007 until a few months ago.

Fast radio bursts can be interpreted in two ways. Some believe that they are explosions caused by technical means and others that they are produced in pulsars trapped in the whirlpool of a Black Hole through which they diffuse into space.

However, scientists in their statements leave very little chance of communicating extraterrestrial cultures with the Earth, but they point out the fact that rising signals leave open all the room for thorough investigation.