He murdered his brother while he was playing video games

A 19-year-old killed his 17-year-old brother on Friday, August 24th, in Bay City, New York, while he was playing video games. Robert Riviera, for an unknown reason so far, approached Brother Brian’s brother behind him and stabbed him in the throat.

As the assistant prosecutor, Lawrence Opis, said, the unfortunate young man came into the backyard, telling his father “Look what Robert did to me,” before he collapsed and left his last breath. The suspect left home on foot, but authorities found him after 20 minutes and arrested him.

The lawyer who undertook his defense, Steve Fontoulis, told Newsday that the young man has a history of mental illness for which he needed medication. She asked to be subjected to a psychiatric examination as well as being closely monitored in prison and not attempting to commit suicide.

“There seems to be a psychiatric background. I do not know exactly what happened at home, “the attorney said. Suffolk homicide officers take their parents’ testimonies to see if the 19-year-old is facing psychological problems, as well as the reason that led him to this terrible act.