Multiple missile launches from North Korea

North Korea appears to be launching multiple land-based missiles from its east coast, according to the South Korean armed forces, the latest of a fast-track missile test series, in contrast to global pressure and threats of more sanctions.

South Korea said rockets covered a distance of about 200 km. The launches took place a few days after new sanctions voted by the UN Security Council against the isolated country, which said it would continue to develop its nuclear and weapons program without delay.

The missiles were launched this morning from the coastal city of North Korea, Wuanshan, a South Korean government chief of staff said in a statement. South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in, according to a Reuters report, has been informed of the incident, he added without further details.

Today’s launch is the fourth missile test from North Korea since Mun took office on May 10th. The new president has promised to enter into dialogue with North Korea.