Movie Theaters for childrens

If you think that movie theaters are very quiet and playgrounds too noisy, a cinema chain in Mexico has just what you need. Movie theaters Cinepolis who are the fourth largest cinema company in the world, installed playground equipment in their rooms.

As it is known that  it’s very difficult for young children to watch movie for two hours, and it’s not always easy to get manageg by their parents. The concept, entitled “Cinepolis Junior”, is designed to make the experience of watching movies in the cinema more fun for children by installing games through the halls. The main objective of this idea, according to the company’s management to make parents and children feel comfortable.

In one week, their debut will be another two “Cinepolis Junior” in two locations in Southern California in the US. The day is set in March 16th, the same day that will premiere the remake of the Disney film, “Beauty and the Beast.”

The idea of the film combined with the playground is not a new endeavor. Their first appearance was in Mexico in 2014. From then till now they have  spread to Spain, Costa Rica and Guatemala. However, the idea of fun for children at the movies, had to comply in accordance with the strictest, most boring US safety regulations. This investement in existing cinema is not cheap, and it costs $ 500,000 dollars.

The film “Beauty and the Beast” is expected to be a great success in the box office, coming up against the “Logan” movie.