This Mother was waiting for a normal baby! Doctors shocked, could not believe in their eyes

For five years, Annie and her husband experienced the pain and despair of infertility. Despite their many efforts, they have not seen a pregnancy test come out positive. But on being ready to give up, her older sister offered to help as a surrogate mother.

Instead of implanting the embryos only to her sister, they decided to try again. In addition, the sisters were in the same phase of their cycle and wanted to increase their chances of success. Her sister was already a mother and wanted to do what she could to help Annie to experience this maternity.

When the results arrived, the sisters had stayed up with double success. Now both sisters were pregnant. – but this is not the most shocking piece. Continue reading and you will understand what happened after this phone call.

It took 5 years to be able to bring a child to the world. Despite the many attempts at physiological and artificial arrest, they were almost ready to give up. But then it was when her great sister came in the and offered to help. Doctors implanted embryos on both women to increase their chances of success.

Then came a shocking phone call. Now both ┬ásisters were pregnant. – both had twins. Annie had girls and her sister boys! In 2013, the miraculous quartet – Charlie, Tommy, Grace and Hadley – were born and very happy in this family.

It’s a strange story, but that’s what makes it so incredible.