Her mother sold her to a gang of drug addicts, but a volunteer saved her life

A girl with a severe disability from Philippines took a new chance in her life and left behind the hard years of being forced to beg  at the streets since her mother sold her to a gang of drug addicts. Anabelle was abused by her slaves to beg at the streets of the city of Bacolod in the Philippines.

The 7-year-old girl was eventually saved from a charity, from which a volunteer paid for her surgery. Anabelle suffers from the rare Crouzon genetic syndrome, also called congenital craniofacial malformation. This condition causes scalp, leading to facial dysmorphism and is characterized by swollen eyes.

Her mother did not want to take care of Anabelle and her six brothers, so she sold the little girl to a gang of drug addicts who took advantage of her appearance. She was accompanied by a woman who pretended to be her mother and two men from the gang were beating her repeatedly before they sent her to beg for money.

The men left the city to avoid arrest from the police. The little one was discovered by Kalipay Negrense, an organization that rescues children from the Philippines who have been the victims of trafficking and exploitation.
There, her story touched the heart of volunteer Gonzalo Erize from Argentina, who gave his own savings and helped raise money for the surgery of Anabelle.

Mr. Erize said: “Institution officials told me that they woke up at night, shouting from the nightmares of the past.” “But I was ready to give Anabelle the opportunity for a better life, a life without pain, but with laughter and play as  every child worth it.” Anabelle was examined by pediatricians, dentists and neuroscientists in the Philippine capital, Manila, where she decided to urgently have surgery.

Anabelle could not shut her eyes to sleep, which left her constantly exhausted. Mr. Erize left his country, Argentina, so he could be with her at the time of surgery. He said: “I was with her throughout the process. It was a complex process, a very delicate situation, in which passing time was a constant threat. ”

“Anabelle’s surgery has been successful, with the result that her brain can grow. Fortunately everything went well and today this brave girl knows the meaning of joy, fun and life.”