Mother sits on the airplane. Suddenly a woman takes her baby. You can’t imagine why she did that!

Rebekka Gravison is a nurse from Alabama’s Fort Rucker. The young woman is married to Nick and the two are delighted to keep their daughter Rylee in their arms.

Nick is a firefighter, and is often away. So Rebekka decided to surprise him and prepares a trip with Rylee. She is anxious because her daughter is still too young and will not stand the flight. But then something amazing is happened, which described on Facebook after the landing.

“Today something unbelievable happened to me and I can not say how grateful I am. If you’ve been traveling with a baby, you know how stressful it is. Today, someone reminded me that there are really amazing people in the world, even if they don’t know you.

For a long time I was planning a surprise trip for Nick and I was anxious about how to fly alone with Rylee and all of our things without help. When we entered the crowded plane at 5:30 in the morning it was very quiet. I noticed that the two seats beside my own were caught by a couple who was not very excited sitting beside Rylee. Of course I was already stressed and Rylee started crying when we’re ready to get started.

I decided to ask the flight attendant to move 2 rows ahead where she had 2 empty seats next to each other and I would have more space. She said yes and the next thing I know is that I sit next to an unlikely woman! I do not know if she could understand how anxious and upset I was, but changed our day for the better. Rylee could not stop crying whatever I did, so she asked if she could have the baby, and of course I gave it to her.

As soon as she got it, Rylee looked out of the window and stopped crying.  After a while he slept at  her woman’s feet and looked relieved. It helped me even to get out of the plane and kept it up to fix the stroller and the car seat, so I did not have to do it all alone.