Mother was selling drugs to her daughter’s classmates

A mother of two children from San Diego is accused of selling m*******a and pills to her daughter’s classmates and hiding drugs at her home. 48-year-old Kimberly Quach was arrested on September 28th for many felons, including m*******a delivery over the age of 14, and the provision of Suboxone and Xanax to minors.

If convicted, she may face more than 60 years of imprisonment. High school lecturer Kevin Calkins sent an e-mail to parents telling them about Quach’s capture of drug trafficking. “Police officers examining the case believe there are high school students who may have been witnesses or who may have information to help with their research,” the email says.

The court documents state that Quach may not have been selling drugs only in her daughter’s high school but also in high school students in La Jolla, California. The 48-year-old woman is accused of employing a teenager to sell m*******a to her daughter’s high school. According to the police, Quach taught the girl how to collect money from customers either by cash or via the internet.

The police started nvestigating Quach after some parents found Suboxone pills in their child’s room and contacted the authorities. The court’s statements state that the $ 1.3 million home of Quach at Aster Meadows Place in San Diego, where she lived with her fiancĂ© and her two children, was known to the locals as a place where they could buy m*******a and drink alcohol.

When the police searched the house, found potted m*******a. Quach’s daughter is a student at the Catholic High School, where her tuition costs nearly $ 16,500 a year. On her LinkedIn page, Quach says she is vice president of a non-profit institution that collects money for poor students. This is not the first time Quach has problems with the law. 10News reports that she was arrested again two years ago, charged with theft.