Mother organized her daughter’s rape

Shock has caused Peta Butler who revealed that when she was 16-year-old she was raped by a stranger in a hotel room while her mother was outside the door and smoked. She was only 16-year-old when she was raped three times by a bald, fat man. Her mother, who organized her rape, sat outside the hotel room and smoked.

In fact, the police are chasing the man who raped the young girl in Queensland, Australia with the help of her mother. Her mother told her she was going to have a weekend just for girls in Toowoomba. Her mother gave her alcohol before sending her to the room of the cheap hotel.

“A little later he entered the room. He said nothing. He just pulled out his clothes and pulled out my underwear. I was shocked. I could not do anything. I could not move. I am trying to understand how a mother could do that. How could a mother sit outside knowing her friend is raping her child. I was hoping to get in and stop him. She knew what was happening, she said.

Only when she gave birth to her own daughters she found the courage to speak.

Her mother from prison, where she entered for four years, said she would not do it unless she was 16-year-old. “I would not let you touch me if you were under 16 years of age.” Therese Butler was condemned and the authorities are now looking for her rapist. A man known as “Thommo”. He tried for two years to persuade her mother to allow her to rape her daughter.

The police believe it is likely that other girls and women have been raped.

The man is estimated to be 40-year-old when the incident occurred. According to the police, he was extremely obese and had a shaved head. It had a height of 1.75 and features blue swollen blue eyes. She wore an expensive suit, drove a car with leather-colored seats and was known only as Thommo.