Grandmother of 7 and mother of 13 gives birth to quadruplets at 65 years of age

A 65 year old woman gave birth on Saturday to quadruplets in Berlin, even after the negative opinions she received from medical professionals, RTL television informs.

After giving birth by cesarean section to a girl she named Neeta and three boys – Dries, Bence and Fjonn, mother Annegret Raunigk rested at the Berlin Hospital on Tuesday, RTL states. Her newborn babies weighed between 1lb., 7 ounces and 2 lbs. and 2 ounces each.

RTL spokeswoman added that the babies had a strong chance of survival, after being born on the 26th week of pregnancy.

Raunigk already has given birth to 13 children throughout her life, ranging from 9 to 44 years of age and from 5 different fathers. She reported that she decided to become pregnant again because here youngest child wanted a younger sibling.

She has also traveled outside of Germany to get fertilized eggs implanted, in Ukrain precisely. Such a procedure is considered illegal in Germany.

Doctors have criticized her because they believed that her body would not be physically capable of giving birth again.

There have been many cases of women giving birth after 60 with the help of IVF from around the world such as Spain, Romania and Israel. The oldest woman who was naturally conceived was 59 in the UK. She and her husband believe a rabbi blessed them to receive their new son.

Some reports actually state that the oldest woman to give birth is from India and goes by the name of Omkari Panwar, who is believed to have given birth to twins at the age of 70.

Annegret Raunigk, who is a school teacher, adds that she does not care what people think about her and that she will maintain a healthy body by staying fit and eating healthy also. She has been given the title ‘world’s oldest woman to give birth to quadruplets.’