Mother gave hormones to her son to become a girl and now he wants to be a boy again

A 14-year-old from Australia two years after deciding to start the sex change process by taking medication, realized that it was wrong and that he finally feels good as a boy. Patrick Mitchell’s 14-year-old today shared his strange story with the 60 Minutes show. As he explained, about two years ago he was diagnosed with sex disorsement by a psychologist.

The intense anxiety caused by the difference between his biological sex and his sexual identity had greatly impacted his psychological condition and so the young man had his mother allow him to start taking estrogen to begin his transition to the female sex.

“I wish I could change everything on me. I watched any girl and I thought I would kill to have this look, “Mitchell said in the show. After talks with psychologists who encouraged his mother to listen to him, the mother of the 12-year-old boy then decided to support him in his decision and help him start his medication.

In the months that followed, the teen extended his hair and started taking hormones, which caused breast growth. However, two years later Mitchell began to see things very differently. At the beginning of this year, when his school teachers began to refer to him as a girl, the 14-year-old began to think he might not have made the right decision.

“I started to realize that eventually I feel comfortable with my body. Every day I felt more and more sure that I wanted to stay boy, “he explained in the show. Having now been assured that he wants to stop his move, Mitchell announced his decision to his mother.

“He looked at me deeply and said,” I’m not so sure I’m a girl “”, his mother explained in her interview.
Now, the young man has discontinued his medication and is about to undergo surgery to remove the extra tissue that has been created on his chest.