A mother gave birth to this little girl, but doctors have never seen a face like this!

When the 15-year-old Taylor Garrison gave birth to her baby girl, doctors could not believe what they saw. Little Brielle Garrison suffered from a rare condition, called anopthalmia. The baby had no eyes. The Obstetrician Dr. Lee Friedman states that in his 22 years of profession he had never seen something like this before.

The disease affects one in 5,300 children born in the US, equivalent to 780 babies a year. The causes of anophthalmia are unclear, but Doctor Friedman says they are not genetic. “It’s a sporadic mutation. It’s not hereditary, “says Friedman.

Garrison’s mother says it was not easy to accept the event initially. “It is very hard for a baby to be born blindfolded and because my daughter is 15 years old, it was even harder for her to accept it,” says Lori Garrison.

The Garrison family hopes to awaken the world on the issue of anophthalmia in order to mobilize studies and researches that will shed light on the causes that cause the mutation and how to deal with it.