Mother of autistic child captured his teachers mocking him!

A mother was forced to secretly record what she suspected: how the Hope Academy teachers roared ridiculously and made inaccurate remarks about 12-year-old student Camden Davis.

His mother, Milissa Davis, sent her child one day to school with a tape recorder in his bag, suspecting that something was going on with her little boy and his teachers, as autistic Camden had been aggressive at home and suddenly pissed his bed.

As the WBRZ network transmits, when the mother heard the recording, she did not literally believe in her ears: “You just write the word. What is so difficult with this? “, The teacher says, and when the little boy makes a sound, she is there again to mock him. “Camden, why didn’t you write anything?”, The teacher replied, “so you can not sit down with anyone. Tell your mom this. ”

Another is also saying: “Lets see what they would do at a @@@ public school … they would not stand him for a minute.” “I wanted to cry, to scream,” said his mother when she listened to the recorded conversation, “when I think I was sending my son there every day and that it happened in the past and I did not know anything.”

Linda Stone’s special school director, after removing the two teachers who heard the recording, then told the network: “This is extremely unfortunate and we sincerely apologize to the family. We continue to welcome a meeting with the family. ” After calling the material “hilarious”, she promised that the issue would not end with the mere dismissal of the two teachers, but also criminal responsibility would be required …