Mother 98-year-old looks after her 80-year-old son

They say the mother’s love for her children, especially the care of them does not change even if many years pass , even when they are no longer open their wings and, in theory, be more able to take care of  their parents, rather than the opposite.

The 98-year-old Ada Keating, however, a breath before closing a century of life, moved to a nursing home, not to receive the same care but to take care of 80-year-old son, who already lives there.

As Independent explains, mother and son live a life together as the man never married.

In 2016, he moved to a nursing home in Liverpool because he needed care and support in his everyday life, and a year later his mother followed him to take care for her son!

“I tell Tom good night in his room every night, and the next day I get in and I’m fine,” says the 98-year-old in a local newspaper. “When I come back I always open his arms and give him a big hug … You never stop being a mum”.

The 80-year-old man, a painter and decorator, says he is happy to have his mother in the nursing home. “They take care of me a lot and I am happy to see my mother now living here,” he says.

The manager of the nursing home says that mother and son are inseparable. “It is very rare to see mothers and their children in the same nursing home and we definitely want to make the time they spend together as much as possible pleasant.”