Mosquito bite almost cost his life!

Chetan Pithadia a father of two from India was bitten by a mosquito 4 years ago and since then he suffers a disease that is called elephantitis. It is caused by parasitic filarial warms passed by mosquitoes that enter the body when victims are bitten.

His leg became 4 times bigger than the normal size and weighted 25 kg. At the beginning he thought that the swelling would be for a short period of time, but he then realized that his problem was getting day by day bigger. Even if he got medical treatment from doctors in Municipal Hospital in central Mumbai he did not see any improvement on his condition.

Chetan who lives with his wife, daughter and son he is not able to work anymore due to his condition, and he needs to raise 3,500 for a new treatment. He has discovered that his condition can probably be cured at a hospital in Kerala, that is nearly 2000 kilometers south of his hometown.

He has to visit the hospital three times for a month and after the treatment he has to get medication for nearly two years. His condition can be fatal if the swelling spreads from the legs to the abdomen.