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Moscow starts airstrikes in Syria

It was already evident that Russia and Putin were the most observed and rumored guests at the latest UN General Assembly. In that occasion, Mr. Putin started to highlight his intention to launch a military mission in Syria against ISIS. Furthermore, they emerged many disagreements between the Russian Government and Barack Obama. Against all expectations, Moscow already launched its first airstrikes in the Syrian territory. Obviously, this event will inaugurate new scenarios related to the war against Terrorism in Middle East.

The first details about these Russian military operations were revealed by some respected US officials. Furthermore, the Russian Parliament already voted successfully a motion to give “the green light” to these bombings. According to The Guardian “ Russian airstrikes appeared to have taken place in the vicinity of Homs; The strikes targeted northern areas in the Homs countryside; ix children were among the dead, while dozens were wounded”(1).

The presence of these military actions in the Syrian territory unleashed many strong reactions and critics by the US Government and Media. At the moment, it seems that the Russian army will only act through airstrikes avoiding “ground operations”. Furthermore, some images and videos of these bombings have been released online. Moreover, Mr. Putin organized this military operation after having guaranteed arms supplies to the Assad’s regime. It seems that the center of the Russian plans is a military base in the small city of Latakia.

The proofs of the Russian presence in this area were already revealed by some pictures. According to The Independent “Satellite images released last week showed 28 jets, including Su-30 multirole fighters, Su-25 ground attack jets, Su-24 bombers and possibly Ka-52 helicopter gunships at the base”(2). Other areas destroyed by Russian bombings were Tal Wasit, Ltamenah and Zaafrana.

The Russian officials have confirmed that the main objective of these airstrikes is only to fight ISIS and to undermine the territories controlled by the Caliphate. Indeed, it seems that these recent actions also affected and destroyed other areas not occupied by terrorists. In short, the true intentions of Putin seem a mystery and worry the Western nations. Another controversial element is that Putin has a strong alliance with the dictator Assad and his undemocratic regime in contrast to the American government. In fact, according to BBC News “The US and its allies have insisted that President Assad should leave office, while Russia has backed its ally remaining in power; The latest developments came amid reports that President Assad had formally requested Russian military support”(3).

Mr. Putin has released some dubious statements to justify his alliance with Assad and to ensure the trust of the West. He even mentioned that the Syrian dictator is planning to inaugurate a transition towards democracy and human rights. Precisely for these alleged reasons, Mr. Assad should be respected and helped militarily and economically. He said about this issue “The final and long-term settlement in Syria is possible only on the basis of political reform and dialogue between all the healthy forces in the country; I know that President Assad realises this and is ready for this process; We hope that his will be an active and flexible position, and that he will be ready for compromise for the sake of his country and his people”(4).





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