More than 120 people in the US got sick from contaminated ground beef with salmonella

Ground beff with salmonella  has got sick  another more than 120 Americans, as the CDC revealed on Wednesday.  More than 6.5 million pounds of ground beef have been recalled as a result of the sick people, as it has affected more than 120 people in 22 states.

The latest illnesses come as the CDC issues parallel warnings about salmonella in raw chicken as well as people’s pet chickens.   And listeria infections have been traced to deli meat in the US, meaning that Americans must be on high alert when buying just about any protein.

The ongoing salmonella outbreak linked to ground beef first came to light in early September. People were falling sick with salmonella in 16 states across the US throughout August. This week, six states were added to the list of affected areas. There are new cases of salmonella in Texas, Hawaii, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and Washington.

Us health officials have found a link between the disparate cases: eight patients in distinct hospitals had receipts showing they’d all bought beef produced by JBS Tolleson, Inc, produced and packaged in Arizona.