Monkey baby crying next to dead mom’s body who was hit by a car

A heartbreaking video with a baby monkey crying next to his mother’s dead body has provoked emotion on the internet. Its mother was hit by a car as she crossed a motorway and died.

The video shows this monkey trying to wake its dead mother, but no effect. Seeing she was not moving, the baby fell on her, put its ear on her chest as if it wanted to control the beating of her heart, and then it started crying. The villagers watched when the baby was trying to bring back his mother to life.

“Losing a loved one will be painful not just for people. The animals also mourn for their own, “said one of the witnesses in the Times of India. “We saw the little monkey crying over its mother’s body.”

The police kept the baby as people picked up the mother’s body. The baby then escaped and followed the villagers as they carried his mom’s dead body. “The baby jumped from one tree to another and followed us as we transfered the body,” one of the villagers described.