Model was kidnapped in order to sell her on dark web!

Chloe Ayling, a 20-year-old, is the UK model allegedly kidnapped in Milan by trafficking  members who tried to sell her through an auction on the so-called “dark web”, with an initial starting price of 300,000 euros in Bitcoins . The young British traveled to Milano on July 11th, thinking she would take part in a photograph as she had informed her British model agency in which she was working.

Instead of cameras and photo lenses that Ayling was expecting to see, two men attacked her, injected her with ketamine (a very fast anesthetic medicine commonly used in horses), put her in a suitcase and transported her to Borgial, an isolated hamlet near Turin.

The young woman was captured for six days while the bidding process was taking place, but when she came completely out of the narcotics, she told her kidnapper that she was the mother of a 2 year old child, apparently against the sic code of the criminal organization which the suspects were working for.

The abductors then attempted to take her to the British Consulate in Milan to release her. However, when they went to release her, one of them,  Polish- Lukasz Herba, was arrested by the police.In the statement he gave to police officers and published by the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” he said:

“A man wearing black gloves came from behind me, put one hand on my neck and the other in my mouth, while one other injected me into my right hand.  I realized I was in the trunk of a car with my wrists and ankles bound. I had my mouth shut with tape. I was in a suitcase, which had a small hole to breathe, “the 20-year-old model said.

Ayling claimed she screamed so much that her kidnappers were forced to stop the car three times during her transfer to the village. She also said that when they got to her house they tied her arms and legs to a chest of drawers. “I sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag,” she added.

It was she who revealed to the authorities that the kidnappers left her free when they learned she was the mother of a two-year-old child. The Daily Mail published a letter supposedly addressed to the young model and was signed by an organization named “Black Death”.

The members of the organization recall that she was released because of “enormous generosity”. They also warn her against allowing to conduct an investigation, not to speak against her abductors, and asking her to pay $ 50,000 to Bitcoins within a month. In case of non-compliance they threaten her that she will die”.

Returning to Britain, the 20-year-old woman made a brief statement at the doorstep of her home: “I have had a terrifying experience. I was afraid for my life, second to second, minute to minute, hour by hour. He is grateful to the Italian and British authorities for everything they have done to ensure safe release. ” Investigations by the Italian and British authorities will continue.