Microsoft’s underwater data center

Microsoft is advancing the idea of ​​an underwater data center, which is in the second phase of the project called Project Natick.

The creation of this grand project, which takes place on the coast of Orkney in Scotland, aims to make Internet experience faster, as well as artificial intelligence AI more accessible. One of the arguments for building a data center under water is the fact that half of the world’s population lives 120 miles from the coast, and by placing data centers near coastal cities the data will travel a shorter distance.

The second phase of Project Natick will allow Microsoft to determine whether this is virtually practical, environmentally and economically viable. The first phase was to see if the concept was feasible.

The second argument for the company about this issue is that the data center under the water will have cooler temperatures without unnecessary energy, but the negative thing is that there will be a degree of erosion in the underwater installations.

Speaking to BBC, project chief Ben Cutler said: “We believe that we will actually have much better cooling in the underwater installation than on land. In addition, because there are no workers in the plant, we can remove all of the oxygen, and most of the water vapor, effectively reducing erosion, which is a major problem in data centers.

Over the next 12 months, the team behind Project Natick will monitor and record the unit’s performance, hoping everything will go well and move on with the plan.