Microsoft is ready to unveil this week the XBox Project Scorpio

Microsoft is promoting the Scorpio as the “most powerful console that ever existed” and is preparing to launch on the market during the 2017 on holiday season, however that,  just this month released the Xbox One S, which caused some questions: about  the rush of the company and why in such a little time between the release of the two versions?

Initially, the assumptions specific concluded that Microsoft announced the Project Scorpio, the unique Xbox console which supports VR, as an “answer” in Sony, which already has announced that the Playstation VR comes this year while has revealed that is working on a replacement for the PS4.


New statements by Aaron Greenberg, head of marketing for the Microsoft Xbox, they might give a different answer. Greenberg, speaking to Engadget for the Project Scorpio, spoke of an end to the continuous succession of generations of consoles, saying that this “is the latest”.

In particular, Greebnerg revealed Microsoft’s vision to create a console that will put an end to the traditional alternation of generations every few years (for example, the current, eighth generation of PS4 and Xbox One replaced the 2013 seventh generation of PS3 and Xbox 360 which began in 2005).

From the words of Greenberg and previous statements by other officials the impression that basically formed is that Microsoft puts great concern in compatible titles (games and VR experiences) in all consoles, attempting to create a clear kind of “family Xbox”.