Michael Phelps will swim with a white shark as an opponent!

Excitement has prompted social media to announce  that in a few days we will have the chance to see an incredible swim race between gold Olympic champion Michael Phelps and a white shark!
The original human and shark encounter will be part of the Shark Week, a weekly tribute that will make Discovery Chanel sharks.

In particular, according to the program presented on Discovery’s official Facebook page, Phelps VS Shark will be presented on June 23rd.

Note that the average white shark swims 10 times faster than the average person. But Michael Phelps is not a simple man since he has made 39 world swim records and has won 23 gold medals at the Olympics.
So, as the Discovery Channel announcement says, this battle is dubious and never dared. Phelps himself said excited that he had the opportunity to swim by sharks.