Michael Jackson’s secret video tapes have been found as police report and the material is really sick

As reported earlier today police after years of research found the place that Michael Jackson was hidding his video tapes of him abusing children inside the secret room of Neverland. As police officer John Smith of Santa Barbara police department, the material is really sick.

Adrian McManus has been working for four years on Michael Jackson‘s ranch, the so-called Neverland, having the daily responsibility of cleaning the pop star’s room.

“He was a pedophile,” said a 56-year-old woman, going on shocking revelations.

A few days after the premiere of Leaving Neverland, which focuses on two men’s reports of being abused by pop star while still boys, 56-year-old ex Michael Jackson‘s servant has decided to break her silence and show some elements that “burn “The king of pop.

For Michael Jackson himself, he was a pedophile who had sexually tortured “dozens of children” by filming his sick desires and keeping a secret record of pornographic material.

Former pop star cleaner explained that, while working on the ranch, she was seeing young boys every day walking through the bedroom of the singer.

As she confessed, she had often found Jackson’s and young boys’ underwear from the jacuzzi and bathtubs of the house, while repeatedly seeing children moving around naked at home.

In fact, she said, she had seen with her eyes the pop star bathed with naked boys, and her impression had also been the fact that in all the rooms of the house there were hidden in many drawers tubs with vasseline and other odd objects , such as books about masturbation.

Adrian McManus believes that the singer recorded his personal moments with his minor victims. She claims to have seen the secret record of videocassettes, which Jackson later hid in a viewing room away from Neverland, as she said in her interview, as his content could lead him to jail.

Finally, she explains in the same interview that her former employer had a camera fury, and the house was full of charged batteries so that a camera would always be available if it needed to record something.