Michael Jackson’s little son lives alone and no one cares

Worrying are the rumors that Michael Jackson’s 15-year-old son, Blancket, wants to live alone in a mansion in California. According to an anonymous source, which says at Page Six, “there is no one to make sure he is eating properly. If it’s a bowl of cereal or a chocolate meal, then it’s probably OK. ”

His 86-year-old grandmother, Catherine Jackson, is their legal guardian, however, reports say he has not seen him for three months. Blancket reportedly attending classes at his private school, takes a two-hour martial arts lesson and playing video games.

His two older siblings have their own lives, with Paris following a model career and Prince studying at Loyola Marymount University. The uncle of the children, who also has their guardianship, is having more of Blanket’s responsibility, however, he stays 40 minutes away from Blancket house.

According to the report, Blancket spent his Friday with his sister in Paris, organizing dinner with friends.