Mexico will not make it!! Hurricane Willa threatens the city with winds of 250km/h

Hurricane Willa, heading northwest Mexico from the Pacific Ocean, was strengthened today, reaching the 5th, the largest in the Safir-Simpson five-point scale, according to the US Hurricane Center (NHC).

“The harshest winds are about 260 km / h with very strong wind gusts. Willa is a category 5 Hurricane   that will become a “very strong” cyclone, NHC announced in its latest release, as reported by the French News Agency.

At 10.00 in the morning, the Hurricane Willa was 280 km from the islands of Maria and 215 km from Cape Koridentes, off the northern coast of Mexico, and was moving at a speed of 10 km / h, said the US meteorological institute.

Hurricane Willa will reach the Mexican coasts “in the afternoon or on Tuesday night”, is completed in the bulletin.

According to the forecasts of the Mexican meteorological agency (SMM), Hurricane Willa will hit the southern areas of the state of Sinaloa (central-west), on the border with Nayarit.

In the coastal areas of three states, Sinaloosa, Halisco and Nayarit, the schools were closed today and the authorities issued warnings to the residents.

According to NHC, Hurricane Willa may be boosted today before it weakens on Tuesday. However, it will remain “a powerful hurricane, extremely dangerous when it reaches Mexico’s coasts,” meteorologists said.