Merkel without hijab at a meeting with Saudi Arabia king

Upon arriving at Jeddah, King Salman and top officials of the Conservative Islamic Kingdom welcomed Angela Merkel. The German Chancellor did not cover her hair, as British Prime Minister Teresa May recently said that she hoped to inspire repressed women in Saudi Arabia.

The country imposes a conservative dress code in public places, requiring women to wear long clothing and covering their hair while they are not allowed to move unaccompanied and drive. Significant foreign visitors do not always comply with the protocol and Merkel walks in the footsteps of Mey, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

Merkel has called for a ban on the burqa, where legally feasible, in Germany, by calling it “unacceptable in our country”. Last week, Budweig passed a bill banning public sector workers, Justice and Armed Forces to cover their faces in full.


Burkka and Nikob will be banned for specific professions under the law once it is ratified by the upper house. The German leader is expected to urge the Saudis to do more for refugees in their country and to provide humanitarian aid to refugees from Muslim countries. After Saudi Arabia, Merkel will visit the United Arab Emirates.