Melanie B will not be able to see again. Rushed to hospital in critical condition

Melanie B will not be able to see again. The famous singer of Spice girls was rushed to hospital in critical condition.

43-year-old singer Melanie B , arrived at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital and told nursing staff that she was completely blind and could not see anything.

Mel B has lost sight of her left eye because of a laser surgery she undergone 20 years ago and failed.

Doctors said that her right eye is also at very critical condition. “Mel B will not be able to see again, we have tried very hard with my team to do everything, but it was really difficult.” said John Denver ophthalmologist of
┬áLondon’s Moorfields Eye Hospital.

A source told the website: ‘Mel is a really bad way. The other girls and their managers were really worried.

Mel was frantic and screaming that she couldn’t see a thing. She went to the hospital in a chauffeur-driven car with an assistant, who was holding her hand.

‘No one knew what brought it on but she had very swift, and very good, treatment.’