Melania Trump warns about social media dangers for children

The First Lady of the US Melania Trump spoke this morning about efforts to eliminate the phenomenon of online harassment, one of its key priorities.

“Let’s face it: the majority of children are more aware of the assets and traps hidden in social media than some adults,” said the US president’s husband at a cyberbullying conference held in Maryland .

Social networks “can be used in many positive ways, but they can also be a source of disastrous consequences if misused,” noted Melania Trump, whose public interventions are rare, after arriving at the White House, as reported by the French Agency.

Asked about the apparent gap between Inca’s efforts to fight online harassment and the behavior of Donald Trump on Twitter, where he often dives violent attacks against his rivals, the First Lady spokesman replied that Melania Trump “Knows the critique” that is being practiced but will not “prevent her from doing what he sees fit”.

“The president is proud of her commitment to the children and the courage she shows in everything she is doing,” said spokesman Stefan Grisam.