Melania Trump beats Donald Trump

Melania Trump is more popular than her husband, Donald Trump, according to a new poll. More than half of US voters -51% – see First Lady favorably, marking an increase of 16 percentage points over last August, according to Fox News, the favorite channel of President Donald Trump.

According to the poll, Mrs. Trump has won the support from Republicans and Democrats, while 28% of voters rated her negatively. Meanwhile, President Trump accentuates the positive acceptance of 47% of Americans, while 51% rated him negatively.

However, Donald Trumb’s earnings have also improved in this new poll since the positive response he has seen in recent months has not exceeded 40%. However, despite its increased popularity, Melania Trump has not even come close to that of Michelle Obama’s predecessor, as seen in the Fox News poll.

In the same period of Barack Obama’s presidency, Michelle Obama counted for 73% of the Americans’ positive opinions and only 16% were negative towards her, the radio and television network noted. The poll was conducted via telephone interviews on a sample of 1,017 registered voters.