Measures to protect the largest telescope in the world

The authorities in China are taking steps to cope with the tourists’ raid on the world’s largest mirror telescope in anticipation of the seven-day holiday for the celebration of the National Day.

Visitors to the world’s largest radio telescope (FAST) watch platform, 500 meters in diameter, were reduced to 2,000 a day, according to local authorities in southwestern China’s Goutsou province where the giant telescope is located. Although access to the tracking platform is free, every visitor must pay 50 yuan (US $ 7.3) for the shuttle service. From September 20th, bus tickets are only available via online booking.

As the Athenian News Agency transmits, starting from its 2016 test run, the radio telescope has recorded 44 beats that can be used to conduct gravity waves and black hole drills and help solve many other important issues in natural. However, the increase in tourism has raised concerns that radio signals from electronic devices carried by tourists may jeopardize the results of the radio telescope.

Along with the latest measures, the local government has also put in place rigorous security controls to ensure that no electronic devices are introduced when tourists enter the projection platform. FAST will begin official operation and will open for Chinese astronomers in 2019.