Mattress with artificial intelligence

Eight Sleep has long been in the state of the art technology with bed mattresses and in its new attempt has shocked fans of technology..

Based on the research that good sleep has to do with body temperature, recently introduced the technologically advanced Pod, a layer that allows the body to lower the temperature when it is needed for uninterrupted sleep.
The smart mattress combines dynamic temperature and biometric data modes to make the bed a “hibernation” bed, as it says.
What is it doing; It monitors and records the particular motifs of our sleep, learns our habits through its algorithms and can thus automatically adjust the optimal temperatures for each phase of sleep.

Surveys have shown that with Pod sleeping easier, sleep lasts longer and wakes up fewer times in the night. “Our vision is to use technology to personalize the environment while you are awake or asleep,” said Eight Sleep Managing Director Matteo Franceschetti, “the greatest environmental factor is temperature. And the reason is because body temperature changes overnight. “
Artificial Intelligence, combined with real-time biometric data, determines the optimum temperature at any time. The Pod even welcomed a great contribution to bedtime sleep and Stanford’s professor, Craig Heller.

Pod is connected to other smart home appliances, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Philips Hue smart lamps, also contributing to the internet of things. As for its price, the double bed starts at $ 1,995.