He married a 4-year-old girl. The shocking truth behind the story

The bright smile of 4-year-old Abby hides a terrifying reality: is acute lymphatic leukemia, a form of cancer that primarily affects children. She is in the Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer, a specialized clinic in New York City. Although she struggles for her life she remains optimistic while her illness affects her health.

But there is a ray of hope: Abby has become a girlfriend with her favorite nurse, Matt Hickling. She visits her daily to give her injections. She likes Matt so much that she would like to marry him. Abby told her mom about her wedding plans and explained that at his next visit she planned to offer him a ring.

When Matt learned the girl’s plans, he immediately had a brilliant idea. He knew how much the idea would make her happy, so he started planning a “marriage” for Abby. With little help from his colleagues, Matt began planning a surprise wedding for the next day. Abby wore a beautiful dress and Matt a suit-like shirt.

When Abby entered the hospital room she saw flower petals and the guests sing. That day she completely forgot her illness for a moment. “Are you accepting me for your wife?” Asked Matt. “Yes!” The little bride answered and hugged the nurse. The two of them exchanged candy rings and, according to custom, they cricked each other.

Matt wrote about his “wedding day”: “I hope this will be a day when Abby and her parents will always remember and smile in the difficult moments! For me it is! ” Matt gave his beloved patient even a decorated car that could lead a Cinderella.
Honestly, this nurse is one of the best on the planet. He really did everything to help Abby come back to her feet. Optimism is very important for these small, brave patients, as they often do not fully understand the situation.
This story happened in December 2015 but we are happy to let you know that Abby’s mother said about her progress:

“It’s great! We continue to treat until October and will go to kindergarten in the autumn. “We wish her the best! She will definitely be the only one who can show her wedding photos!