Mariah Carey fans are really worried of her health, after her appearance at American Music Awards

Mariah Carey on Tuesday night went on stage at the American Music Awards to present her new song, “With You”. For her, it was the best way to promote her new work, but also for the awards organizers, it is always a blessing to support such a great artist in the institution. But things do not always go as you plan them.

Mariah Carey went up on stage, choosing to show off a spectacular show. A toilet fitter, striking fuchsia-like effects and half-naked men dancing around her and her standing and not even moving a bit, was the theme of the show. And seeing the pictures coming from the night, you reasonably assume that Mariah Carey shocked everyone.

However, the audience, even her fans, are demanding. And the fact that the singer stood silent throughout her appearance opened a great debate. And in twitter the negative comments about her did not stop. Indeed, many have accused her of having been bored in her appearances in recent years, and she is more and more rarely dancing and moving.

Until some people commented that her number at the American Awards was the most “lazy” they have seen and she seems to have lost energy. Others, again, did not go crazy with the half-naked men dancing down the stage. And negative comments are not stopping there, as many social media users have noticed that Mariah Carey sang play back. There were also them who liked the appearance of the great diva of the music scene. Several people have noticed that lately she has been quite refreshed.